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Modern Morality and the Ten Commandments

Richard F. Ames

When we consider the great empires of the past, we should learn the lessons of history.  One of the major causes of the decline of Rome was the disintegration of family. Divorce, adultery and indulgence devastated family unity and values.  In contrast, the Ten Commandments show the way to lead a proper, moral life!

Perish…the Thought!

Gerald Weston

Wise individuals prepare for the future, yet many have not given any thought to what might occur after death and how they can prepare for a better future.  Have you made such plans?  The bible describes the tremendous opportunity available for those willing to prepare now to reach their ultimate destiny!

Should Christians Observe the Sabbath?

Richard F. Ames

Should religious people set aside any one particular day as holy? Different religions hold Friday, Saturday or Sunday as a day for special prayer and worship. Does the God of the Bible make clear on which day He is to be worshiped? The answer to this vital question has implications for a thousand years into the future. Learn what the Bible says about the Christian Sabbath!

What Is Freedom?

Gerald Weston

Throughout history there has been a cry for freedom.  Jesus Christ told the Jews of His day that “the truth shall make you free.”  But free from what?  Many were offended, thinking that they would gain freedom from their Roman rulers, yet He was speaking of a  different kind of freedom   But what did Jesus Christ mean, and how can you experience real freedom?

You Can Be a Success!

Rod King

What is “success”? Is it about gaining power, prestige and wealth? Is it about finding love and contentment in life? Or is there something more? Did you know that your Bible is filled with proven strategies for attaining true success?

Are You Your Brother's Keeper?

Gerald Weston

Today we live in a world filled with violence, hatred, jealousy, and brutality. Why? Why can't man seem to find the way to peace and harmony? Why can't we find the way to end war, divorce, and conflict with neighbors? The perpetrator of the first murder in recorded history sarcastically questioned God, "Am I my brother's keeper?" Discover the Biblical answer, and how it affects you!

Discerning the Signs of the Times

Gerald Weston

Wars, political strife and economic crises have become part of everyday life. Where is it all headed? Discover six biblical predictions used as signs to discern the importance of the times we are living in.

Christian Baptism

Gerald Weston

Virtually every professing Christian knows something about baptism. If you were born into a Christian denomination, you may very well have been baptized as an infant, or later as an adult. Among professing Christians, practices vary widely, from washing to sprinkling water on infants, to total immersion for adults. Some even ignore baptism entirely. Why are there such differences? What does the Bible actually tell us about baptism?

Hope for the future

Richard Ames

The global economic crisis has affected hundreds of millions of people around the world. Millions have lost jobs or homes. Hundreds of banks and thousands of companies have failed. Disease epidemics continue to plague our planet as we suffer ongoing wars and continuing violence. But there is hope! Your Bible promises a new world--coming soon--that will see lasting peace among all nations! You can have that peace in your life now, if you know how! 

The Way to Peace

Gerald Weston

The First World War was declared to be “the war to end all wars,” yet a short 21 years later the world was plunged into another global conflict.  The League of Nations and eventually the United Nations were established with the goal of preventing war and establishing a state of peace throughout the world.  Why have they failed?  What is the way peace?