Being successful in Hong Kong
Being successful in Hong Kong is no easy feat. The once small fishing village went through a period of extreme modernisation thanks to British colonialism, and has since become one of the most competitive cities in the world.

7th February 2019

Languages Contribute to Cultural Unity

Stuart Wachowicz

Many of you may have heard the story of the old mother mouse who one day decided to take her two recently-born babies outside for their first expedition out of her well-protected nest.  Once in the grass, the mother mouse looked beh...

18th January 2019

How to Lead a Young Generation

Stuart Wachowicz

Our present society differs considerably from that of only two generations ago. So much has changed in our world. How people communicate and how they are entertained has altered greatly in only the past thirty years. Everything from ...
To Ink or Not to Ink?

11th January 2019

To Ink or Not to Ink?

Jonathan Riley

Back in January of this year news reports started appearing regarding possible bans on actors and musicians who openly display their tattoos in Chinese media. Time magazine wrote an article describing how the State Administration of ...

17th October 2018

What Is the Best Teacher?

Gerald Weston

Do you learn from experience, or are you someone who “never seems to learn”? Whether you are or you aren’t, the question remains: Is experience the best teacher? Or is there a better way? If so, what is it?