The War Beneath Your Skin

A never-ending war is underway, and you are at the very center of the battle. In fact, it is taking place beneath your own skin.

Microscopic pathogens—such as deadly bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites—may be so small they cannot be seen, but they are everywhere. And what stands between you and these threats, to keep you alive and healthy? One of the great marvels of God’s design: the human immune system.

A short article such as this could never convey the wondrous whole of our immune system in all its glory, and it would be a complicated tale to tell. However, even a passing glance can serve to remind us that we are, indeed, “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). Let’s take that glance.

The Butterfly: Master of Metamorphosis

There are virtual miracles that surround us in God’s created world—wonders we take for granted too easily. In the life cycles of even the lowliest of creatures, the One who is their Creator and ours has placed lessons and examples for us to consider.

It is easy to think of the well-known transformation of caterpillar to butterfly and fail to consider the everyday miracle it represents. It is truly one of the great wonders of the living world.

Let’s take some time to muse on the caterpillar and the butterfly, nature’s masters of metamorphosis, and then let’s consider just one important lesson it represents for us.

A Grain of Sand: What We Can Learn from It?

Most of us have picked up some sand between our fingers and observed how small and insignificant it looks. When we find some on the floor of our home, we don’t value it but sweep it up and throw it out.

But we can learn many interesting aspects from a grain of sand, which might surprise you.