Into the Storm!

My father was always fascinated by storms. News of one approaching would draw him to our small front porch, where he would stand, watching it build along the horizon. As a child, I would join him at times, staring into the dark clouds in the distance—seeing them move, swirl, and gather as they darkened further still, and wondering what they held in store as they drew closer to our home.

Our world is home to many kinds of storms, from rainstorms that feed our crops and thunderstorms that rattle our windows, to devastating tornados and hurricanes or cyclones, with the power to reduce even our largest cities to rubble and destroy thousands of lives.

Can these awesome phenomena teach us anything? For all the potential damage and devastation they may wreak upon our populations and the cities we’ve constructed, can they serve any purpose for us today?

As with every part of the Creation in which we live, the storms that surround us can most certainly teach us. For while we have yet to master the storm, the storm does, indeed, have a Master. And it is, like us, among the works of His hands.