Original Christianity in Hong Kong

Original Christianity

Christianity first came to Hong Kong when the British made it a colony in the mid 19th century. To this day, even after two decades of Hong Kong being handed back to China, Christianity in HK remains one of the key religions. As it stands, over 10% of the Hong Kong population profess to be Christians that follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. But followers of original Christianity in Hong Kong only make up a tiny fraction of that number. 

At Tomorrow’s World Hong Kong we practise the true and original Christianity. Our choices in life determine our condition and happiness in this life and our ultimate future in Tomorrow’s World. In the modern era, especially in Hong Kong, there are many different teachings of Christianity. But original Christianity and the true teachings of Jesus Christ have been unfortunately neglected in Hong Kong.

When the crusades waged war and destruction, they did so in the name of Christianity. But were these people true followers of Christ? The dictionary definition of Christian only partially reveals what being Christian in HK is really supposed to mean. It says “Christian; pertaining to or derived from Jesus Christ or His teachings”. But what exactly are His teachings? Does Christianity in Hong Kong truly understand what Jesus Christ taught? The only true source of original Christianity is the bible, which can easily be found here in Hong Kong. In order to properly understand original Christianity, we need to study the bible here in Hong Kong. Tomorrow’s World is the best place to do that.

In short, original Christianity is a way of life for Christians in Hong Kong. It involves Living Jesus Christ living His life within us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Original Christianity in Hong Kong is more than just being nice. A proper Christian in HK are called to join Christ in bringing peace and joy to the earth when Christ returns at His Second Coming, and to be a model of that peace today.