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The Challenges of Dealing With Depression
Stuart Wachowicz

In the history of man, there have been times when great plagues have ravaged populations. Everyone has heard of the Black Death, which eliminated nearly half the population of Europe in the 14th century. Rich and poor fell to the disease; it made no distinction between classes.

Today medical authorities frequently pronounce dire warnings of what might be coming as a result of growing resistance to antibiotics on the part of numerous dangerous strains of bacteria. Indeed this is a real threat and significant resources are invested to try and stay ahead of these pathogens.

Yet as you are watching this program, another malady is marauding in our midst, one that costs our economy billions of dollars a year, and that claims victims from skid row to the corporate boardroom. Across the world a new plague is eroding health, wealth and happiness in a manner that is more pervasive than most realize.

The dark cloud of depression is affecting individuals, young and old, at all levels of society. It is quite possible you or people close to you are affected. There is a way to help overcome the challenge of depression.