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Three Reasons Why The Nuclear Family Is Fundamental To Society

Jonathan Riley

The nuclear family is the single most important institution in any society. Without it, our very existence would quickly become jeopardized. Yet there are some who are attempting to break down the family and by doing so, their efforts are an attack on humanity. Here are three reasons why the family unit is fundamental to society.

The Belt and Road Initiative

Stuart Wachowicz

The One Belt and One Road initiative is the most visionary and far-reaching international development since the 1940’s. This remarkable trade network, unprecedented in scale and potential, now promises to stimulate not only trade and commerce across Eurasia and Africa but also to contribute to cultural understanding and peaceful development.

Sea Sponges and Unity

Gary Molnar

Sea sponges are considered to be some of the simplest of multi-cellular animals on earth. They have neither a central nervous system nor a brain yet the various types of cells within a sea sponge are able to perform the many different functions necessary for life. One amazing characteristic of sea sponges is their ability to regenerate. They are able to rebuild parts of their body structure that have been broken off, but it goes far beyond this.

Does Character Matter?

Michael Heykoop

With the sudden increase of sexual harassment claims against influential personalities, the question must be asked: “How did individuals of such low character come to prominence in the first place?”

Consider the Beaver

Stuart Wachowicz

The beaver is second only to man in its ability to permanently alter the environment to meet its needs. It modifies landscapes and brings water back to previously dry areas. Much research is now being done in putting the beaver to work, perhaps impacting the planet’s water supply. Beavers are designed for their role: teeth that never stop growing and cannot be worn out, bodies perfectly designed for swimming, eyes with built-in swimming goggles and the ability to stay submerged for 15 minutes. They are built to lift many times their own weight, pulling heavy logs to the water.

Daughters Need Fathers

Kinnear Penman

Family is important. Oftentimes people focus on the role of fathers in the lives of their sons. What benefits will an active, attentive father provide in the life of his daughter? This is not to demean the influence of mothers nor overlook the needs of sons. But consider the deep and weighty effect that fathers have on the lives of their daughters; for good or bad. Girls with attentive fathers do better academically. They are likely to achieve higher grades in school than girls with absent fathers.