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Does Marriage Matter?

Gerald E. Weston

Few aspects of life have undergone more change in both perception and behavior in recent decades than the institution of marriage. Behaviors that were once considered shameful are now considered normal. Isn't it time we ask: Is the direction we chose working? Has our new morality, or better yet, lack of morality, left us better or worse? Is it not time to re-evaluate? Does marriage matter?

Sea Sponges and Unity

Gary Molnar

Sea sponges are considered to be some of the simplest of multi-cellular animals on earth. They have neither a central nervous system nor a brain yet the various types of cells within a sea sponge are able to perform the many different functions necessary for life. One amazing characteristic of sea sponges is their ability to regenerate. They are able to rebuild parts of their body structure that have been broken off, but it goes far beyond this.

The Challenges of Dealing With Depression

Stuart Wachowicz

In the history of man, there have been times when great plagues have ravaged populations. Everyone has heard of the Black Death, which eliminated nearly half the population of Europe in the 14th century. Rich and poor fell to the disease; it made no distinction between classes.

Today medical authorities frequently pronounce dire warnings of what might be coming as a result of growing resistance to antibiotics on the part of numerous dangerous strains of bacteria. Indeed this is a real threat and significant resources are invested to try and stay ahead of these pathogens.

Consider the Beaver

Stuart Wachowicz

The beaver is second only to man in its ability to permanently alter the environment to meet its needs. It modifies landscapes and brings water back to previously dry areas. Much research is now being done in putting the beaver to work, perhaps impacting the planet’s water supply. Beavers are designed for their role: teeth that never stop growing and cannot be worn out, bodies perfectly designed for swimming, eyes with built-in swimming goggles and the ability to stay submerged for 15 minutes. They are built to lift many times their own weight, pulling heavy logs to the water.

Depression and Social Unrest in Hong Kong

Bruno Duval

The end of the decade 2010–2019 has been marked by numerous demonstrations, protests, and social movements around the world. Whether it is the protests in Barcelona for the independence of Catalonia, the yellow vest movement in France or the protests in Hong Kong against the amendment of the extradition law, people all over the world want their voices to be heard and they wish to express their opinions in a loud, clear and ongoing manner.

Could There Be A New Reserve Currency?

Michael Heykoop

Could the Euro, Yuan, Bitcoin or some new currency we’ve never even heard of become the next “world reserve currency?” Who decided that the US Dollars would be the reserve currency anyways and what does it actually do in that role? Does it matter and what would happen if the world found a new reserve currency?

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